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Israel to decriminalize personal use of cannabis

Moran Azulay


Monday 22 Jun 2020

Ministerial committee okays draft bill, which will be presented for its preliminary reading in the Knesset later this week; Gantz says law would prevent 'innocent citizens from becoming criminals'

"The for first time in Israeli history, we are embarking on a legislative process that will lead to the regulation of the cannabis market in the country," bill sponsor MK Sharren Haskel of Likud wrote on Facebook.

"The road to get to this point was not a simple one and was full of many political and media battles, but finally the determination and perseverance have paid off."

Defense Minister Benny Gantz welcomed the approval of the bill. Gantz's fellow Blue & White party member, MK Ram Shefa, is the other sponsor of the legislation.

"An important step has been made today in cannabis reform,” said Gantz. “We intend to finally regulate the cannabis industry in Israel and prevent innocent patients [who use medical marijuana] and citizens from becoming criminals.”

The Likud and Blue & White parties agreed two weeks ago to promote a legislation that would eventually lead to legalization of marijuana, the first step of which is decriminalization.




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