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UK: Men arrested for selling cannabis from CBD shop in Croydon

Orlando Jenkinson


Thursday 20 Aug 2020

Six men have been arrested for selling illegal cannabis out of three shops in Croydon labelled as a legal suppliers of CBD cannabis supplements.

On August 19, the Met Police revealed they had made the arrests after swooping on three shops in the Croydon area including one on Croydon High Street and others in West Norwood and Thornton Heath.

In all three cases, the arrests were made because the Met suspected the men running the stores of selling illegal cannabis (including psychoactive THC as well as CBD) from the shops directly.

Further, tens of the thousands of nitrous oxide 'nos' cannisters, some suspected magic mushrooms, around £20,000 in cash and a Bitcoin ATM machine were also recovered from one of the shops.

A spokesperson for the Met described the raids and their results in further detail in a statement released Wednesday evening:

"Three warrants were executed at Cannabidiol (CBD) shops in High Street, Croydon, Beulah Hill in West Norwood and High Street, in Thornton Heath, this morning, Wednesday, 19 August," they said.

"As a result, four people aged 37 [A], 64 [B], 42 [C] and 39 [D] were arrested on suspicion of being concerned in the supply of a class B drug (cannabis) and importation of a class B drug (cannabis).

"[C] was also arrested on suspicion of possession with intent to supply a psychoactive substances

"They have all been taken to a south London police station where they remain in custody."

Two more men were arrested in the wake of the raids on the CBD shops, including a 52-year-old man from Guildford in Surrey '[E]' and a 38-year-old man from Croydon '[F]'.

Both were suspected of "being concerned" in the supply of cannabis.

Police explained that they believed the shops had been attempting to exploit a "loophole" that allows certain stores to cell cannabis containing up to 0.2 per cent THC, though this in fact only applies to licensed pharmacies selling to people with a specific prescription.

“Unless you are a specifically licensed pharmacy, you cannot legally sell or supply cannabis or THC products – no matter what percentage content it has," Police Constable Ross Bennett who investigated the case said.

"Likewise, it is also not a defence to tell officers that you thought your cannabis was legal because you bought it from a CBD shop – it is a class B drug and you will be dealt with in accordingly," he added.




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