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Macedonia will legalize recreational Cannabis

Le Cannabiste

Saturday 21 Nov 2020

North Macedonia could become the first country in the Balkans to allow the recreational use of marijuana, Prime Minister Zoran Zaev said on Friday, adding that his government was considering Amsterdam as an example. Le Cannabiste is at the forefront of the coming legalization, inexorably.

Prime Minister of Macedonia: Zoran Zaev has just announced the decriminalization and legalization of Cannabis for a number of tourist destinations. In order to stimulate the economy in his country, the idea is to creating a new Amsterdam in North Macedonia with its Coffee Shops. What would be the goal of this ?

"Boosting the economy."

In a television interview with the Deutsche Welle in Macedonian, the Prime Minister has declared:

"Decriminalizing and legalizing marijuana can help tourism and the hotel industry a lot, the plan is to control it like in Amsterdam.

The idea is to donate marijuana in tourist spots, including Skopje, to consume marijuana in existing and new cafes, to have certain ventilation standards and proof of the origin of this Cannabis" Zoran Zaev


According to Zaev, the plan is the subject of public debate and, if general public opinion is positive, the law on it will be drafted and possibly passed by his government immediately.

"I think it can bring serious development of catering and tourism in a small country, keeping in mind our beautiful tourist spots: Struga, Ohrid, Resen, Dojran, Skopje, Berovo, Mavrovo and all the others"

More than ever, a simple look beyond the borders reveals that we are indeed living in a dictatorship of the mind. Obviously the French authorities, however badly elected, will probably not be able to contain the tidal wave of the green wave for much longer.

The instrumentalisation is blunted, the lie no longer holds, we will soon have dozens of examples of controlled legalizations that work…. all you have to do is to open your eyes.




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