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Guernsey States set to debate cannabis legalisation


Tuesday 02 Nov 2021

A call for Guernsey to legalise cannabis is set to be debated by the island's government in 2022.

Deputy Marc Leadbeater is behind the move, following his resignation from the Committee for Home Affairs.

He is proposing a political petition or requete, which if put forward by seven States members means the issue has to go before the States of Guernsey.

Currently medicinal cannabis that meets certain conditions can be prescribed to islanders.

Since July, businesses can also apply to cultivate cannabis for medicinal use.

Outside these exceptions the cultivation, supply, import and sale of cannabis are illegal.

Cannabis is a Class B drug and its possession can result in a prison sentence.

Mr Leadbeater said: "I am already in advanced talks with a group of like-minded deputies looking at bringing the long overdue cannabis debate to the assembly in the first half of 2022."

He said before the debate they would be "embarking on a massive education drive" among their colleagues.

Mr Leadbeater expected to ask the States to task the Committee for Health and Social Care with investigating the introduction of a regime "similar to the Canadian public health focussed model".

He said he resigned from the Committee for Home Affairs because rules on conflicts of interest meant his holding of a directorship of a local hemp company was stopping him from working on the committee's mandate.

While he understood there were areas of conflict, he felt it should not stop him from working on other areas of drug policy reform.

Deputy Rob Prow, President of the Committee for Home Affairs, said: "While I respect Deputy Leadbeater's decision, I cannot hide my disappointment as he has been a highly valued and respected member of the committee.

"Marc's reasons for stepping down from the committee are for him and I won't comment on them, other to say that I wish him well and thank him for his efforts."




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