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UK: How to change the Law using a single plant

Magnus Ambrose

Magnus Ambrose

Saturday 26 Feb 2022

You may know I did my research in private while I honed my horticultural skills in the lab and ran human cancer trials for 7 years with ultra strength hybrid genetics and multi strain low temp extraction for the 3 needed types of medication: Activating, Balancing and Sedative to treat the vast majority of all human conditions - especially the deadly ones.

I released fully in the Public Interest openly my research, and Patent application, including skin cancer creams samples for any RCT and the full instructions including a video description of extracting living medicines. And only after 28 of the most powerful people within Europe had received my tracked and signed parcels I then challenged the Supreme Court, ECHR and ICC with Genocide of its poorest citizens. And to be frank, it was a bit of a risky venture, because I had no idea of anyone actually gave a shit about human life at that level of power.

My papers were acknowledged by Lady Hale in Jan 2020.

In August I was raided and my plants taken.

In October I made a full voluntary statement where I recorded that I grew 3kg of skunk every 2 months and made unlicensed medicines out of those drugs, and ran full human cancer trials, sent them around the world and gave them free to children. It could have gone either way, and I was told that I would be Crown Court and I would get a summons in 14 days.

9 months later, obviously after some massive wheels started turning, I received a call from PC Stefan and he said "If we offer you a caution, would you accept?", and I refused.

For the past 6 months I had several messages on my phone to come and end the case and sign for the caution but I refused.

Then a few weeks ago on the 11th February, PC Stefan came into my house to close the case. He had been given authorisation from above to bend a community reparation order for the first time in legal British history, and is usually only used to get a letter of apology written to your injured neighbour and as long as they accept the apology, then the order is closed before it goes into the system.

So, I ask Stefan, "Who exactly am I apologising to?" and Stefan says "Regina".

So I find myself in a truly surreal moment sitting in my reconverted ex skunk farm, and I find that I have to say out loud "I am sorry Queenie", and there is a pause then the pain clothes officer says "Great, that's all done just and sign that the order is complete, and I will sign on behalf of the Queen, and the case is closed. You are no longer under investigation, you will not be charged, you will not be fined, you are free and this will not be entered as a crime on the national crime database".

After a little we shock hands as 2 gentlemen with great respect for each other, and I walked him down the dark path to the road.

The complexities of what had just happened to me will take many weeks, and lots of legal advice to understand what I have just accomplished single handed.

This means that my argument has been deemed valid by the highest legal power in the land - and I think I might have something now to drive reason through the very heart of this pharma complex.

Just thought I would let you know. The media were never helpful at all to me as I tried to gain traction, and I doubt this will change any time soon but if you have any contacts that believe otherwise I would like to connect to them.

Now my case is closed I can proceed with presenting it in full to the ECHR, as I never really expected to be in this position I always guessed it would be to appeal the British courts verdict - but I have a feeling that Lady Hale got the job done as the lady piece of big change she could make before retiring.

All the best, Magnus




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