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Thailand: Doctors want immediate suspension of cannabis decriminalisation

Bangkok Post

Monday 25 Jul 2022

BANGKOK: More than 800 doctors from Ramathibodi Hospital have called for the immediate suspension of the policy of decriminalisation of cannabis pending implementation of adequate controls to protect the young.

The move was announced by the president of the Forensic Physicians Association of Thailand, Dr Smith Srisont.

According to the statement, cannabis decriminalisation without adequate measures and policies for safe use led to the widespread recreational use of the drug and its access by young people, amid clear and considerable scientific evidence that cannabis has negative effects on the bodies and brains of the young.

The situation was different from the government’s intention to increase people’s access to the medical use of cannabis.

“The present situation is a real threat to the health system and public health, in both the short and long term,” the statement said.

The doctors urged the government to immediately suspend the policy until laws were in place to protect young people from cannabis abuse and ensure proper use of cannabis, to minimise its impact on the general public.




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