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UK: Everyone is saying the same thing about a woman with terminal cancer who took cannabis to ease the pain and sold it

John Jones

Wales OnLine

Wednesday 10 Aug 2022

Some have called the case a "waste of time and money"

People are saying the same thing after a 60-year-old terminal lung cancer sufferer put cannabis in her food to help ease the pain of her condition before she sold it to members of her family. Heather Kennedy, who has stage four lung cancer, admitted possessing the drug with intent to supply it and being concerned in the supply of it at Mold Crown Court earlier this week.

She had been caught with cannabis worth a total of £370, along with £205 in cash and two mobile phones. Kennedy told police she had stage four lung cancer and had taken cannabis oil, which became too expensive. She took cannabis in her food instead, the court heard.
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She also supplied it to her husband and a son but did not realise she was committing a crime by giving it to members of her family. You can keep up to date with the latest news from court by subscribing to our crime and punishment newsletter here.

Kennedy was ultimately given a six-month community order by a judge. However, when details of the case were reported it prompted outrage online, with some people saying that those involved in the prosecution "should be ashamed".

Hundreds of people took to WalesOnline's Facebook page to share their thoughts on the matter, with the vast majority saying that the terminal cancer patient should not have been punished for possessing and supplying cannabis. Don't forget, you can share your opinion in the comments section below.

Many said that those involved in taking the case to court were the ones in the wrong with others calling it a "waste of time and money". Justin Robinson said: "Everyone involved in the prosecution of this case should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves," with Judd Angel agreeing, writing: "Wow, harassing a terminally ill patient. Those bobbies and the system that empowers them should be ashamed."

Andrew Griffiths called it "a shambles" while Richard Evans said: "What a waste of time taking this to court. The lady was suffering enough with the cancer." Chris Angel agreed, as he asked: "What a waste of time and money, surely there are bigger fish to fry? How much did the whole prosecution cost?!"

Others said that police should be focusing their attention to "more serious" crimes. Donna Louise wrote: "They should concentrate on bigger crime, like smack dealers, rapists and murderers. What's a bit of weed? Especially when it's for medicinal use." Sharon Thorrington added: "Oh my god, you've got drugs on the streets, heroin and crack being sold to kids. But you pick on this poor old sick lady."

Many comments also called for cannabis to be legalised, with many saying that it was a natural and effective painkiller and less harmful than alcohol. However, they also expressed doubt that legalisation would happen anytime soon.

"Just legalise it and stop wasting time and money on a drug that has NEVER killed a single person!" wrote Talia Patricia, while Lolly Morgan added: "Legalise it ,that would solve such petty stupid convictions on ill people. These people aren't criminals, the government and pharmaceutical companies are!"

"Make it legal," said Barry Wall. "Canada made it legal and managed to pay off all its debt within the first year." Jenny Harrison wrote: "Good on her, if the government can sell it then why can't we ? Legalise it," while Ioan Gilbert added: "Should be legalised for this situation if it helps for pain."

Some of those who chose to comment admitted they had used cannabis for pain management and praised its effectiveness in their treatment. One person wrote that it "always has and always will be the best medicine for cancer," while another added: "Cannabis should be available on prescription for those who need it. No reason to use it, unless it works on easing pain or other symptoms of a medical problem."

"I see no issue," said Natalie Sarah Jones. "It's God's own natural painkiller and is a plant. The only reason they don't like it is because it's a plant and they can't tax it!!" Elaine Owen wrote: "People don’t know what’s it is like to be in pain 24/7, it’s wicked if this helps," while Jackie Henry said: "I took cannabis oil when I had chemo, I don't know how I'd have coped otherwise. Legalise it, but the government will lose out on big money."




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