Source: The Advertiser, Norwich, UK

Pub date:  April 15, 2005

Subj: Candidate Calls For Votes


Ref: Don Barnard

         Legalise Cannabis Alliance


Candidate Calls for Votes


THE Legalise Cannabis Alliance candidate for Norwich South is calling on people to pledge their vote at the May 5 election.


Don Barnard, 63, says that a vote for a single-issue party is not a wasted vote and can have big knock-on effects.  "I believe that a strong vote for the Legalise Cannabis Alliance would send a clear signal to the next MP for Norwich South that we are fed up with our elected officials and Ministers censoring discussion and debate on issues of importance to us and our children."


Focusing on what he says are the health benefits of cannabis, Mr Barnard hopes that people will recognise the positive effects of legalising the drug.  "The legalisation of cannabis hemp would increase access to a natural medicine and allow for better protection of the vulnerable without interfering with the personal and private choice."

The Alliance believes that cannabis is a victimless crime.  "I challenge the justice in punishing people who wish to use a plant to their benefit and do no harm to others," added Mr Barnard.

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