From: WebBooks

Source: News & Star, Carlisle

Pub Date: 3 October 2000

Author: Alun Buffry, Legalise Cannabis Alliance



The jury that returned a not guilty verdict on Lezley Gibson of Alston for using cannabis to help her overcome the dreadful symptoms of MS have demonstrated more compassion and understanding that the whole British Government. They have my gratitude.

It is disgusting that the Crown prosecution Service continue to prosecute these people for growing or using a therapeutic substance.

It is nonsensical that anyone should be taken to the courts when that other plant, tobacco, that creates so much illness and suffering is not only legal but taxed!

Could the real reason be money? I have a feeling that cannabis would be legalised very quickly if the pharmaceutical companies are able to produce a profitable and patentable extract.

In the meantime, how many more people will we, the taxpayers, have to watch being dragged through this so-called justice system at our expense?

The only people who benefit from such cases are the professionals who prosecute and defend.


Alun Buffry