Gibsons weren’t set free - ANOTHER sad day for British justice...


Source: News and Star, Carlisle
Date: January 29 2007
Author: Alun Buffry
Type: Letter

ANOTHER sad day for British justice...

While in one part of the country a paedophile was given a six-month suspended sentence (supposedly because of lack of prison space), in Carlisle Judge Phillips sentenced Mark and Lezley Gibson and Marcus Davies to nine months each, suspended for two years, for trying to help people with MS by posting them free bars of cannabis chocolate.

So the News and Star (January 26) reports “Cannabis trio freed by court"?

A suspended prison sentence, especially for Lezley who herself suffers from MS and who is now going to be at risk of arrest if she uses cannabis chocolate – or for Mark Gibson and Marcus Davies who have acted purely out of compassion for the sick – is not freedom

Alun Buffry