Letter: Law Makes No Distinction When it comes to Cannabis

Source: The Sentinel
Date: January 4 2008
Author: Alun Buffry

In His letter: I can't support this insanity (The Sentinel, December 27), Mr Cope concedes more than our Government on cannabis.

He wrote: "I have no problem with cannabis being used for medicinal  purposes to alleviate pain."

There is no distinction under the Misuse of Drugs Act between the uses of cannabis, whether it is used by sick or injured people in an attempt to feel better and relieve symptoms, or by others just to feel better (get high), the possession of cannabis is still an offence.

As a retired policeman, I wonder how Mr Cope would have felt arresting sick and suffering people who had done no harm to anyone, under this unjust system. Maybe, just maybe, in some cases, he may have done his job with some slight feeling that the law was wrong to arrest people whom he may have deemed "medical users".

Maybe, like myself, he would have found it difficult to draw a line, and would have seen that in all cases it is hard to support punishment where the user has done no harm. Is it just, I ask, to punish hundreds of thousands or people in order to protect the minority of people vulnerable to cannabis use, especially when it is quite clear that the law has done nothing to help them either?




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