Source: Evening News

Pub date: December 9 1999

Pub LTE: There is positive feeling in square

Author: Alun Buffry, Legalise Cannabis Alliance



I feel I have to respond to the two letters from Derek Williams of the Norwich Green Party discrediting Anglia Square

In his first letter he said he was walking past the Square at night and thought it was dreary. Maybe Mr Williams should try visiting the Square in the day time, especially during the summer, when it is cheerfully filled with music, children, shoppers and people sitting on the benches taking a break - a sign surely that it is appreciated by many people.

There is plenty of parking nearby and easy of access to the Square from both Magdalen Street and St Augustines. The area is well controlled in the daytime and one feels safe.

Anglia Square also houses the Iceland store, one of the few places in the city where one can purchase GM-free products, an issue which should be of more cause concern to the Green Party than advocating the destruction people's pleasant shopping areas.

Alun Buffry

Legalise Cannabis Alliance