Source: Sunday Sun, UK

Pub Date: Sunday, 7 July 2002-07-10

Subj: Pot Chocolate; Couple Export Medical Bars

Author: Matt McKenzie

Contact: matt.mckenzie@ncjmedia.co.uk

Cited: THC4MS http://www.thc4ms.org.uk


CANNABIS chocolate bars made in the North are being exported around the world, it was revealed yesterday.

Lezley and Mark Gibson set up a non-profit-making organisation to supply the controversial confectionery to multiple sclerosis - MS - sufferers, who use it to ease their symptoms.

And the couple have now decided to expose themselves as international suppliers of the cannabis-laced bars.


Mark said: "This is far too important to ignore. People are suffering and we can't turn them away when they come begging for help."

The bars are produced at a secret location in Cumbria by crumbling cannabis into melted chocolate before it is poured into a mould.

The drug makes up two per cent of each 24-piece bar.

"The wrappers on them read "150g Milk Medicinal Cannabis Chocolate, For Patients Use Only!" and warn "Keep out Of Reach Of Children."

A bar made from organic chocolate suitable for vegetarians and vegans is also available.

The products are free but are only supplied to people who can produce a doctor's note to prove they suffer from MS.


The Gibsons, from Alston, Cumbria, run a group called Therapeutic Help From Cannabis for Multiple Sclerosis, thc4MS.

It now supplies 160 sufferers, including people in Italy, Spain and Denmark, and has recently received requests from the USA.`

Lezley, an MS sufferer, has been arrested previously over her use of cannabis.

Now the couple are risking another run-in with the police especially after admitting sending the drug overseas.

Mark said: "It is not a matter of choice ... we feel we have to help people who are desperately in need of cannabis.

"It is for people who have run out of their supply and need to alleviate the symptoms quickly.


"Recent Government papers prove that cannabis reduces the effects of MS."

The Gibsons accept donations of drugs and stamps to help with the service, which has grown quickly through word of mouth, referrals from specialists, the MS Society and visitors to its website.

Mark said: "In 12 months there have been in excess of 600 deliveries across the UK and Europe.

"We've had donations from what we call the 'growing community'. One guy gives between 700 and 1200 (UK pounds) every few months."

Home secretary David Blunkett is expected to rubber-stamp plans to downgrade cannabis from a Class B drug to a Class C in a statement to the House of Commons on Wednesday.