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Hi I'm Winston

Testimonial of a cannabis user

I am a regular drug user - but who isn't?

The first drug I remember regularly using, prior to me knowing it was even a drug, was caffeine in the form of tea on the table chocolate and soft drinks,

This I obtained from my parents prescribed. I continued using caffeine and still do as I am very addicted to this!

I also used phenol barb-atone between the ages of 4 - 10 for epilepsy. and may other substances such a sugar.

Also at the age of 10 I was awoken to the dangers of the legal drug culture, when my mother overdosed of barbiturates and the drug alcohol.

I have suffered depression, since then.

This was also the year I started taking the drug nicotine. We'd moved from Sheffield to Wales then Sheffield to Derby, where I could buy a single cigarette.

I also used the drug alcohol from a very early age till I became a regular user at 15 - then it wasn't long 'til I mixed my drugs including solvents, which nearly killed me.

At 16 I had an accident in a timber yard: a plank broke and I fractured my vertebra - but it didn't get diagnosed for 9 years, despite many visits to my doctor.

After that, I was using speed , LSD, pharmacist stuff - loads of it - anti-depressants the doctor gave out, no problems, concoctions, barbiturates, other combinations. I was falling around pavements, and dribbling like and idiot.

Meanwhile, the arrests started happening I was often stealing cars by then, strange as I couldn't drive...yet I was so inebriated,

I got done for drunken driving eventually,.

Maybe trying to find how this unique lethal hit could take one's mother away, I took loads of stuff over-the-counter, out of pill cabinets, it all went down my throat,.

At 21-years-old, I had my first son and I started taking cannabis on a regular basis.

Later, when I found out my mum couldn't have overdosed on cannabis, I was annoyed and decided to deal cannabis when I was 23.

Having used many drugs obtained from the doctors and other places, analysed the effects on pain control, (since using cannabis depression had become a thing of the past), whilst I'm on my medication.

My first spinal fusion, which I had for my back was unsuccessful, and effectively made my condition worse. Thankfully I coped with that for 7 years until my part-successful last operation (partly - because the first one created problems) as I'm in chronic pain 24/7.

However many drugs impair my logic and reasoning and cannabis helps in so many ways.

Recreationally I cannot use the depressant drug alcohol, as being a depressant it has an effect I cannot deem as recreational or responsible; therefore my personal choice of drug is cannabis. So this is also medical as I can socialise with cannabis, whereas not with Alcohol, plus I'd loose my AA badge, of which I am very proud.

I started attending AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) in 2001 on Aug 17th...I went to meetings for quite a time, as the drug alcohol acted as a trigger mechanism for me to take anything, hence is why I didn't do NA.

When I got arrested in 2001, I had not been arrested since for cannabis 89, I got annoyed, as my licence was taken away for using cannabis after a medical defence. So I got involved with Dutch-style 'Coffeeshops'

I went to the opening at of the first UK 'Coffeeshop, the 'Dutch Experience' in Stockport and started serving teas,. Then we opened one in Bournemouth, 2 in Worthing and 1 in Rhyl.... I had had 13 charges over that!

I stood for election for the Legalise Cannabis Alliance in the East Surrey constituency in the Parliamentary General Election of 2005 and received 410 votes; quite a good result considering it was the first time, a single issue party, and I had no election funds to produce fliers.

See Election Results

Finally I'm coming to an understanding of liking myself, then I can really start this learning on scale I wanted, especially being a bit of actor in the past..

I could never feel that well.....I suffered Hepatitis C with the side-effect of over-sensitivity.

It was fuking murder, ...I had so many physical side effects, and I got really bad Oct 24-27th when I became suicidal and the police came and arrested me about 4 hours after I'd pulled out of it, - it is on my Facebook page at that time.

.I've used this and the LCA site to show my awakening, slowly to me

I want what is best for all of us.

A bit of suffering is in my Zen curriculum, ( Marital Arts, helped my cure as well!). I wanted to find out, in my emotional world, why Biz Ivol had given up, as now I consider that my mother's influence is there, so many people sending love, yet she couldn't understand it..

... the point is to talk from the heart -, you have to die in so many ways - and this plant keeps me going, the Michael Pollan part of the ignoring and filing , using working memory , with past or distractional influence, is what of lot of us, need.

I feel I'm sensitive enough but just don't show it as I don't want to show being hurt, which is the point when you're in pain: my face grimaces and at least I get facial exercise, but when I'm in extreme pain, well, shows you positivity to the n'th degree.

That is why I never doubt world-wise that we are going to do it.

I have learned to read faster in order to keep up, and improve comprehension,

Having been lost as of late, made me realise how fast my brain can be. Some would call it a blessing, me well, it's a brain and a very good one that wishes to do a job that needs doing, that started me with William Emboden, Street and Glasto learning ,and on the net..

I am learning to bring the good stuff up, hence is why it hurts, pulling out old files, facing life imprisonment at 17! That got me reading - all that time inside

I have to go all the way with this court case for cultivating cannabis (again!) for my own medicinal benefit ..whatever the outcome; people will look after my dog Marley if I am sent to prison. I am, getting things organised,testimonials, etc,

I keep in touch with my children daily, as much as I could, which is why when the shit hits the fan the try to be there as a father, I don't want them looking after me,

I'd rather just get on with my gardening, art, chatting to good people like yourself about environmental challenges we need to sort out.


History will remember Winston Matthews. He is an inspiration