The Published Works and Letters of

Alun Buffry



Myhat in Egypt: Through the Eyes of a God

Time for Cannabis - The Prison Years 1991 to 1995

All About My Hat - The Hippy Trail 1972

From Dot to Cleopatra - a concise history of Ancient Egypt



Poetry and Photos- a selection over the years

Damage and Humanity in Custody: a comparison of British prison regimes by inmates

Cannabis: Challenging the Criminal Justice System - by Alun Buffry & Don Barnard

Cannabis Prohibition: A Very Serious Crime – why is such a useful medicine banned?





September 17 2015 Please Listen to the Debate Evening News, Norwich
August 18 2014 Cannabis Campaigner Interview: Alun Buffry Autoflower Portal
September 19 2013 Cannabis Cafes Have a Role Evening News, Norwich
September 4 2013 Special Picnic Made its Point Evening News, Norwich
September 2 2013 Cannabis Campaigners Hold Protest Event in Chapelfield Gardens in Norwich Eastern Daily Press, UK
September 2 2013 Cannabis Campaigners Hold Protest Event in Chapelfield Gardens in Norwich Evening News, Norwich
August 31 2013 Police Want Norwich Cannabis Demo to be Nipped in the Bud Eveming News, Norwich
August 16 2013 Prescribing Cannabis Irish Times
September 20 2011 Valid Medical Use for Cannabis Evening News, Norwich, UK
September 16 2011 Facts about pain and cannabis Lancashire Telegraph, UK
September 8 2011 Ease Up On Cannabis Laws Evening News, Norwich, UK
August 30 2011 Punished – for fighting pain Lancashire Telegraph
July 26 2011 Law Must be Changed The Liverpool Echo
June 9 2011 Double jeopardy for teacher The Bolton News
May 18 2011 It's time to make cannabis legal Lancashire Telegraph, UK
May 5 2011 Is taking cannabis dealers to court cost effective? Evening Telegraph, Peterborough, UK
May 2 2011 Fresh Approach Needed to Drugs Evening News, Norwich, UK
December 2 2010 Cannabis Has A Medicinal Role Evening News, Norwich, UK
April 30 2010 Cannabis Policy Kept Quiet Evening News, Norwich, UK
March 23 2010 Give Your Views on Cannabis Evening News, Norwich, UK
January 18 2010 Campaign seeks to end death penalty for cannabis West Coast Leaf, USA
July 31 2009 Two Sides of A5 Evening News, Norwich, UK
July 6 2009 What do the candidates think? Norwich North by-election Evening News, Norwich, UK
Feb 3 2009 Regrading Drug is Disaster Evening News, Norwich, UK
Oct 13 2008 Give us Justice for Cannabis Users News and Star, Carlisle, UK
July 2008 Cannabis Decision Will Hurt Disabled People Disability Now, UK

Jan 29 2008

Regulate Properly and Improve Safety for Users and Save Taxpayers' Money

Evening News, Norwich, UK

Jan 21 2008

Making Drug Legal is Just a Responsibility

The Sentinel, UK

Jan 4 2008

Law Makes No Distinction When it comes to Cannabis

The Sentinel, UK

Dec 21 2007

Blame the Drug Not the Law

The Guardian, UK

Dec 18 2007

Public Debate

The Sentinel, UK

Dec 11 2007

Don't be fooled by drug myths

The Sentinel, UK

Nov 22 2007

Out of Joint (1)

York Press, UK

May 11 2007

Cannabis Raids Won't Reduce Drug Deaths

Eastern Daily Press, UK

May 10 2007

Cannabis Is Not A Hard Drug And Does Not Kill

Evening News, Norwich

March 28 2007

Is The Misuse Of Drugs Act Meant To Limit Choices Or Reduce Harm?


March 12 2007

Pro-Cannabis Groups Condemn Gran's Trial

Shields Gazette

January 29 2007

Gibsons weren’t set free …ANOTHER sad day for British justice...

News & Star, Carlisle

January 16 2007

No regrets in cannabis case

Disability Now

December 23 2006

They Should Be Given Medals (3) - THC4MS

News & Star, Carlisle

December 9, 2006

Cannabis Warning

Evening News, Norwich

November 11, 2006

Drug Warning

York Press, UK

January 24, 2006

Cannabis Should Be Treated Like Anything That Carries Small Risk

Essex Enquirer

January 12 2006

Status Did Not Help Tragedy

Eastern Daily Press

October 2005

The Law  is it ALWAYS right?


May 10, 2005

Waffle At City Racism Hustings

Evening News, Norwich

March 16, 2005

"There Is Still No Evidence Of Any Risk To The Huge Majority Of Users."

Evening News, Norwich

January 28, 2005

An Appalling Response To Debate On Cannabis

Evening News, Norwich

January 25, 2005

I Have No Respect For The Pro-Cannabis Argument

Evening News, Norwich

December 6, 2004

Legalizing Marijuana

Philippines Daily Inquirer

August 25, 2004

This Weed Isn’t Evil ­ It’s Good

News & Star, Carlisle

July 7, 2004

Drugs Laws Have Just Gone Potty

Evening News, Norwich

July 1, 2004

Laws Are Senseless

Evening News, Norwich

June 21, 2004

Cannabis Issues Cuts Across Party Votes

Evening News, Norwich

January 23, 2004

Legalise Drug To Reap Benefits

Evening News, Norwich

January 15, 2004

Campaigner Takes Cannabis Fight to Home Secretary

Braintree & Witham Times

January 14 2004

Law Before Justice

The Argus, Worthing

November 1 2003

Cannabis Bill Is £500 Per Month

Disability Now, UK

October 15, 2003

Dutch Drug Café Ban Puts British Noses Out Of Joint

The Times, UK

October 14, 2003

Cannabis Burns Out Sperm

The Metro, London & Evening Standard

October 13 2003

Law Change Could Help Fund Education

Evening News, Norwich

October 2 2003

Councils Unable To Understand Issues

Braintree & Witham Times

September 30 2003

Where Were They?

Evening News, Norwich

September 2003

Government Needs Drug Wake Up Call (2)

Essex Enquirer

September 2 2003

Confusion Over Legal Residents

Evening News, Norwich

August 30, 2003

Disabled Patients Surveyed Over Cannabis

The Scotsman

August 7, 2003

Unanswered Questions

The Orcadian

July 24, 2003

Answers Demanded

The Orcadian

July 10, 2003

A Chance To Support A Real Sufferer

Evening News, Norwich

July 3, 2003

Shame On Bob Rusell MP

Essex Enquirer

June 30, 2003

Why Punish The Sick?

Evening News, Norwich

June 18, 2003

Cannabis Campaigner Challenges MP

Evening, News, Norwich

June 16 2003

Cannabis Fight Taken To Ministers

The Scotsman

June 4 2003

No Victims

The Argus, Worthing

May 28, 2003

Joint In Car Bust Unjust

Evening News, Norwich

May 20 2003

Cannabis Party Given Taxpayers' Cash

Evening News, Norwich

May 8 2003

Time For Change Of View Over Drug

Evening News, Norwich

April 15 2003

Cannabis War

Evening News, Norwich

March 23 2003

Cannabis - Health issue not law

Evening Standard, London

December 18 2002

Double Bust

The Argus, UK

December 14 2002

Cannabis Ought To Be Legalized

Calgary Sun, Canada

August 25, 2002

It's The Cannabis Ban That Is Dangerous

The Observer

August 9, 2002

Same Old Spin On Cannabis

Hull Daily Mail

July 17, 2002

Dangers Of Cannabis Proposals

Yorkshire Post

July 17, 2002

Alcohol And Tobacco Do More Harm To Society

East Anglian Daily Times

July 17, 2002

Sending out Wrong Signals

Evening News, Norwich

July 15 2002

Drugs Policy Doesn't Work

Hull Daily Mail

July 11 2002

Cannabis In The Melting Pot (quoted)

Eastern Daily Press

June 20 2002

Europe Loosens Its Pot Laws (quoted)

Rolling Stone

June 12 2002

Cannabis Doesn't Lead To Hard Drugs

Evening News, Norwich

June 1 2002

Leave The Pot Smokers Alone

Honolulu Star Bulletin

May 9 2002

Right To Protest

Hull Daily Mail

April 30 2002

Cannabis Is Unlike Tobacco

Eastern Daily Press

April 8 2002

Ask The Candidates About Cannabis Cafes

Evening News, Norwich

March 28 2002

A Cannabis Cafe Would Be A Safe Place

East Anglian Daily Times

March 24 2002

Stupid Law Doesn't Work 

Spliff Magazine (net)

February 1 2002

Cannabis Has Many Uses

Racine Journal Times, WI, US

January 16 2002

Justice System Has Really Gone To Pot

East Anglian Daily Times

October 30 2001

Victimless Crime

The Scotsman

October 27 2001

Labour Turns A News Leaf On Cannabis 

The Guardian, Editor Section

October 25 2001

Legalising Cannabis

Daily Telegraph, UK

October 2001

Legalise Cannabis? Views on the debate.

West 2, London, UK

October 2001

You The Jury. Should Cannabis Be Legalised?  

Candis Magazine, UK 

September 6 2001 

Labour Refuses To Budge On Cannabis Reform 

Daily Express, UK

May 19 2001

It's Time To End The War On Marijuana

Maple Ridge News, Canada

April 17 2001

Illegal Plant Medicine Question 

Evening News, Norwich 

February 21 2001

Cannabis Speakers Are Not Members 

Evening News, Norwich 

February 22-28

Weeding Out A Real Debate

The Big Issue, Scotland

February 17 2001

Who To Call?

The Guardian, UK

February 17 2001

Illegal Plants 

Evening News, Norwich

December 18 2000

Drug Tsar 'In A Dream World'

Evening News, Norwich

November 30 2000

Drug Pushers The Gateway To Heartbreak

Evening News, Norwich 

November 29 2000

Tyranny To Kill Hash Smuggler

Hartlepool Mail

Autumn 2000

The Real Dope on Hemp 

Greenworld, UK 

November 2 2000

Stop Aping The US On Drugs Policy

Braintree and Witham Times

October 25 2000

New Way Wanted

Mid Essex Evening Gazette

October 13 2000

 MP's Admit Using Cannabis #

Evening News, Norwich

October 9 2000

Smoke Gets In Their Eyes #

The Guardian

October 3 2000

Lezley Jury Taught The Government a Lesson

News & Star, Carlisle

September 21 2000 

It's Time To Weed Out Greedy Fuel Companies

Big Issue, Scotland

September 15 2000

Petrol: Answer Is In The Weed

Halifax Courier

September 14 2000

Petrol Crisis: The Alternatives 

The Guardian

September 12 2000

Fuel Price Crisis 

Mid Essex Evening Gazette

September 5 2000

The Grass Is Always Greener

Irish Examiner

August 16 2000

Unreliable Controls On Cannabis Are Unnecessary

Mid Essex Evening Gazette

August 4 2000

Let's Follow Canadian Lead

Evening News, Norwich

June 1 2000

Leave The Pot Smokers Alone

Honolulu Star-Bulletin (HI)

May 31 2000

The Law is an Ass

The Southern Daily Echo

May 12 2000

Stop Insulting the Voters

Evening News, Norwich

April 11 2000

Why Punish Cannabis Users?

The Press, New Zealand

March 28 2000

Case for Cannabis

The Independent, UK

March 25 2000

Elections Must Be Given More Exposure

Evening News, Norwich

March 24 2000

Court Ordeal Over Cannabis Unjust

East Anglian Daily Times

March 23 2000

Cannabis Health Issue, Not Law

Evening Standard, London

January 19 2000

Mo Mowlam Honest About Drugs

The Scotsman, UK

January 19 2000

World Must Show More Compassion

Evening News, Norwich

January 11 2000

Protect Drug Users, Don't Punish Them

Evening News, Norwich

December 9 1999

There is a Positive Feeling in Square

Evening News, Norwich

December 8 1999

Well Done for Colin's Stance on Cannabis

News and Star, Carlisle, UK

October 9 1999

Enjoyable Pleasure, Not Addiction

Evening News, Norwich

October 4 1999

Smokers' Rights

Daily Mail, UK

September 20 1999

It was the Police Who Caused the Chaos

Evening News, Norwich

August 20 1999

Protect Human Rights - All of Them

The Independent, UK

April 27 1999

Teagasc Affected by Reefer Madness

The Examiner, Ireland

April 12 1999

Cannabis: Legalise and Utilise

ISBN 0 9535693 0 6

November 26 1998

Right is Denied to Dying People

Eastern Daily Press, UK

October 28 1998

Prohibition Not Working

Halifax Daily News, Canada

October 9 1998

Enjoyable Pleasure - Not Addiction

Evening News, Norwich

September 9 1998

Maybe the Drugs Czar Needs Testing

The Herald, Glasgow

September 2 1998

Legalisation Would Solve More Problems

Evening News, Norwich

September 1998

Trial by Jury is One of Our Basic Rights

Weed World Issue 17

June 24 1998

No Reason to Gripe About Cannabis Stall

Evening News, Norwich

June 11 1998

Failed Drug War

International Herald-Tribune

June 9 1998

My Father Opposed This Kind of Tyranny

Evening News, Norwich

May 22 1998

Have Your Say

The Sun, UK

May 7 1998

This 'Silly' War on Drugs

Aberdeen Evening Express

May 1998

The Observer and the Independent's March

Weed World Issue 16

April 29 1998

Reformists Aware of Plight Facing Addict's Families

Evening News, Norwich

April 13 1998

Heavy-Handed Tactics are Not Solving Problems

Evening News, Norwich

April 6 1998

Why People in Glass Houses Should Not Get Stoned

The Observer, UK

March 28 1998

Thank You For Livening Up The Cannabis Debate

Evening News, Norwich

March 21 1998

MPs Public Admission on Cannabis is Welcome

Evening News, Norwich

March 18 1998

Cannabis Hypocrisy

The Independent, UK

February 13 1998

A Step Towards Spot Checks for ALL?

Evening News, Norwich

January 19 1998

Toe the Party Line on Drugs - or Else

The European

January 1998

Should Cannabis Be Decriminalised Conference

Weed World Issue 14

November 1997

Re A Letter from "Two Man" answered

Weed World Issue 13

October 31 1997

Why Cannabis Must Be Legalised Now

Irish Independent

October 20 1997

Get The Facts First, Mr Straw

This is Lancashire

October 1997

Cannabis Campaigners Not Irresponsible

Morning Star

April 1997

"From Dot To Cleopatra"

ISBN 1 872914 09 8

July 2 1996

Talk About a Ridiculous Answer to the Drugs Problem

Evening News, Norwich

June 1992

The Laws On Cannabis

Evening News, Norwich

April 8 1992

Seeking Support For Cannabis

Evening News, Norwich

March 5 1992

Priorities Wrong on Use of Cannabis

Evening News, Norwich