Published Letter: No Victims


Source: The Argus, UK

LTE Pub Date: Wednesday 4 June, 2003

Subj: No Victims

Author: Alun Buffry




Cited: Legalise Cannabis Alliance,




Brilliant - police raid Worthing's cannabis cafe, arrest ten, caution eight, then release one without charge and one on bail (The Argus, May 29).

This is apparently part of Operation Harrow to catch serious criminals.

The question is: Were those arrested really harming anyone? Certainly, some people would rather see the end of the cafe but I suspect many more would secretly wish for more such places.

After all, cannabis cafes present a safe place for cannabis users to gather, away from the rest of us, away from children and away from hard drugs and associated crime.

Police action will achieve nothing except to close down these places and send the users back on to the streets.

The cost to the taxpayers will run into tens of thousands of pounds.

Still, it's nice to know there is so little really serious crime in Worthing. Maybe I'll move there.

-Alun Buffry, Norfolk



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