Subj: Cannabis cafe may face charges

Author: Huw Borland

Pub Date: 4 December 2002



Cited: Legalise Cannabis Alliance



Police have insisted cannabis use at a recently raided cafe will not be tolerated.

Chief Inspector Russ Whitfield said Sussex Police was looking at several courses of action following a report in The Argus, which revealed the Quantum Leaf cafe was up and running the day after 30 police made 12 arrests and seized a large quantity of drugs at the Worthing site.

The raid on November 27 was in response to a number of complaints of illegal drug use at the cafe in Rowlands Road, which is run by cannabis campaigner and member of the Legalise Cannabis Alliance, Chris Baldwin.

CI Whitfield, the new Worthing District Commander, said police would be looking to prosecute after the large amount of substances seized had been analysed.

He said: "We are here to enforce the law - whether people like it or not, cannabis is still against the law in this country.

"We had complaints from residents. We were made aware of people selling cannabis, therefore we enforced the law."

In light of the 'Dutch-style' coffee shop being reopened for business, CI Whitfield said: "We'll obviously look at a number of options available to us.

"We will not tolerate any one acting illegally, especially if they have a flagrant disregard for the law."

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