Source: The Argus, Worthing, UK

Pub Date: Wednesday, 18 February 2004

URL: http://www.thisisworthing.co.uk/worthing/archive/2004/02/18/NEWS140ZM.htmlCited:  Legalise Cannabis Alliance




Cannabis campaigner Chris Baldwin has been told he will leave jail four-and-a-half months early.

Mr Baldwin is due to be released from prison with an electronic tag on Tuesday after serving 46 days of a six-month sentence for drug offences.

He was jailed on January 9 after being convicted of allowing cannabis to be used at a property, having cannabis with intent to supply and having cannabis at Dutch-style coffee shops in Worthing.

Pro-cannabis campaigners protested against the decision to jail him.

He has been serving his time at High Down prison, near Sutton, Surrey.

Mr Baldwin, 53, said: "I have received 201 letters and cards.

"I am absolutely staggered by people's kindness and support.

"Thanks to all who are keeping me warm in my cell. My love and respect to you all.

"This experience has not dampened my spirit. If anything, it has made me more determined to fight on."

Don Barnard, of the Legalise Cannabis Alliance, said: "This is great news. I'm sure Chris will be given a good welcome home when he gets back to Worthing."

The Argus revealed last week how Mr Baldwin complained after being taken on a 120-mile trip from High Down to Ford Open Prison, near Arundel, then back again.

The Prison Service is investigating his complaints about a lack of suitable facilities for disabled prisoners.

Mr Baldwin, of Carnegie Close, Worthing, suffers from spastic paraplegia, uses crutches and insists he used cannabis to help combat debilitating leg spasms.

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