Source: The Argus, UK

Pub Date: Thursday 19 December 2002

Pub LTE: UK: My Son Chris

Author: Dorothy Baldwin




Chris Baldwin has donated 50 towards the towns Christmas lights, donated food parcels to the Salvation Army, and is giving a Christmas party, with food, for the homeless.

I am his mother, an 80 year old widow, and he looks after me very well. I have been to the Quantum Leaf many times, and have found it to be very peaceful and friendly. The police are wrong to waste the taxpayers money on these raids, they should be going after real criminals, and leave this community alone.

The raids must have cost at least 200,000 with further threats of more busts. The bullying tactics of our police force has to be seen to be believed. I hope you will have the courage to publish this letter.

Dorothy Baldwin


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