The Cannabis Biomass Energy Equation

The Report of the FCDA, Europe expounds of the advantages of using cannabis biomass as a source of fuel.

"Of all know plant species, Cannabis Sativa delivers the biomass fuel energy in the most economically efficient degree as a result of attributes uniquely inherent to the plant itself."

The Report then explains these attributes and we present a summary:

1. Cannabis is the most prolific of the suitable plants and grows well in almost all climates, reaching maximum biomass yield in about four months.

2. Cannabis is a low-moisture, woody plant. This means that little or no pre-drying is needed before pyrolysis (no energy needs to be expended to dry the crop, unlike sugar cane, maize etc)

3. Cannabis biomass fuel-energy can be made immediately available in all parts of the world.

4. After the seedling stage, cannabis is very resistant to drought.

5. Cannabis, with roots penetrating 10 to 12 inches in the first 6 weeks, can survive floods. This can also have an important beneficial effect in preventing soil erosion.

6. Cannabis can survive intermittent frosts even as low as 12 degrees Fahrenheit - 20 degrees of frost.

7. Cannabis does not require fertiliser.

8. Cannabis flourishes even on marginal and normally unproductive land.

9. Cannabis does not deplete the soil in which it grows. In fact it can improve the soil by leaf-shedding, aeration and reducing weeds.

"Prohibition of Cannabis Sativa disallows the most cultivable, optimum dry biomass plant species on Earth, uniquely and immediately capable of the economical replacement of all Mankind's use of high-pollutant, costly fuels and uranium, for energy, petro-chemical products, gasoline and plastics." (FCDA)

 According to the FCDA Report, "By pyrolysis conversion, biomass delivers 5,000 - 8,000 BTU's per pound [weight]. It is calculated that only 6 per cent of the agricultural land area of the contiguous United States would now produce more than sufficient Cannabis Biomass to supply all current demand for gasoline, diesel and oil for that energy-voracious country.

"From only 2 crops (8 months, temperate climate) each acre will produce not less than 20 tons of Cannabis Biomass, which yield 2,000 gallons of methanol."