The Challenge: by Don Barnard and Alun Buffry

Deja vu! "Those who can not remember the past are condemned to repeat it." (George Santayana)



Pro-cannabis event fails to draw crowds: Essex Chronicle, September 27 2015

Scotland: Make all cannabis users apply for licences, says drug expert: The Herald, September 19 2010

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Can You Listen Without Prejudice?: Evening Telegraph, October 21 2006

Drugs Policy Discussed At The Highest Level: Essex Gazette, March 9 2006

Clarke Agrees To Meet Cannabis Group: Evening News, Norwich, March 4, 2006

Cannabis reclassification: Legalise Cannabis Alliance: Reclassification:, January 9 2006

Government Should 'Get Real' Over Plans To Regrade Cannabis.: Essex Inquirer, January 12 2006

GMR radio interview also with Grannie Pat Tabram: GMR, 9 November, 2005

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'I'll Smoke Cannabis Despite What Courts Say': Lincolnshire Echo, May 28, 2005

2005 Election Special; Meet your Norwich South Candidates, Use Your Vote: Concrete, May 4, 2005

Don Barnard, 63, Legalise Cannabis Alliance (LCA): Evening News, Norwich, May 3 2005

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Drugs Activist Takes Debate To The Election: Essex Chronicle, Feb 17,2005

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Challenge to Charles Clarke: Essex Gazette, Feb 15, 2005

Cannabis Alliance: Listen to us Clarke: Evening News, Norwich,, 28 Jan 2005

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Police To Remain Strict On Cannabis: Cherwell-on-line, 6 Feb, 2004

Turning Over A New Leaf: Herald and Post, Jan 29, 2004

Cannabis Downgrade Is 'Sign Of The Times' Says Labour MP: Essex Enquirer, Jan 29, 2004

Legalisation Is The Only Way Forward: Essex Chronicle, Jan 29, 2004

Cannabis Law 'Confusion Slammed: Essex Gazette, Jan 29, 2004

Mass Confusion' Claim On Cannabis Law Change.: Braintree & Witham Times, Jan 29, 2004

Roll Up, Roll Up!: Zoo magazine, Jan 24 2004

Campaigner Takes Cannabis Fight To Home Secretary: Braintree & Witham Weekly News, Jan 22., 2004

British Doctors Warn Against Marijuana Declassification: CNS News, Jan 21, 2004

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Was It Right To Charge Cannabis Campaigner?: Hull Daily Mail, Jan 10, 2004

Cannabis Conundrum: Essex Gazette, Dec 31, 2003

Legalise Cannabis Website 'Blocked' By County Council: Essex Enquirer, Nov 20, 2003

Time For Drug Rethink: Essex Gazette, Nov 5, 2003

Cannabis Downgrade Is A ' Waste Of Time' Say MP's: Essex Gazette, Oct 30, 2003

Cannabis Issue Deserves Debate: Braintree Times, Oct 23, 2003

Can These Punishments Be Justified?: Evening News, Norwich,, Oct 16, 2003

Call For Debate on Council Drug Policy: Braintree Times, Sept 18, 2003

Case For Cannabis: Essex Gazette, Sept 8, 2003

Police Persecute Cannabis Users: Disability Now, Sept 1, 2003

MP Joins In Cannabis Row: The Argus, Worthing, Aug 29, 2003

Hospital In Cannabis Research: East Anglian Daily Times, Aug 21, 2003

Choosing To Take Just An Extra Risk: Evening News, Norwich, Aug 11, 2003

Cannabis Killed My Son: East Anglian Daily Times, July 17, 2003

Cannabis Campaign Highlights MS Victim: The Scotsman, July 16, 2003

MP Eric Pickles Has No Compassion: Essex Enquirer, July 10, 2003

Overdose Drama As Biz Charges Dropped: The Orcadian, July 3, 2003

Campaigner Urges Essex MP's To Support Cannabis: Essex Enquirer, June 26, 2003

Cannabis Warnings: Essex Gazette, Sept 12, 2002

What Is The Hidden Agenda Of The New Cannabis Laws?: East Anglian Daily Times, Sept 9, 2002

Southend Cannabis Cafe Is Planned: Essex Enquirer, Sept 2, 2002

Many Questions Still To Be Asked: Evening News, Norwich, Aug 8, 2002

Confused Over Smoke Signals: Essex Gazette, July 19, 2002

Campaigner Believes Plant Can Benefit Health: East Anglian Daily Times, July 11. 2002

More Cannabis Cafes To Open: BBC, May 31, 2002

Pressure Group Plans to Open Cannabis Cafe In Leicester: Leicester Mercury, May 29, 2002

Cannabis Grown To Ease Pain: Lincolnshire Echo, April 20, 2002

Listen To The Minority Too: April 16, 2002

York Cannabis Cafe: We Will Have To Wait And See: April 15, 2002

Cafe Debate Highlights Rights Issues: Essex Gazette, April 3, 2002

Braintree: Candidate Calls For Drugs Cafes : Essex Gazette,  Jan 16, 2002

Six To Contest By-Election: Essex Chronicle, Jan 10, 2002

Candidates Have Their Say: Braintree & Witham Times, Jan 10, 2002

Police Consider Enforcing Law At Cannabis Party : Anaova, Sept 3, 2001

Cannabis Party In The Park: Essex Chronicle, Aug 31, 2001

Storm Brews Over Firms' Proposed New Drug Policy - Testing Plans Breach Human Rights: Evening Gazette, Aug 10

Policy Needed on Hemp AS Building Material: Braintree & Witham Times,  May 10, 2001

They Need The War On Drugs : Essex Courier, May 2, 2001

Harmful Drug Or A Herbal Medicine For Pain Relief : Braintree & Witham Times, April 26, 2001

Questions About Cannabis: Colchester Evening Gazette, April 20, 2001

Debate Will Clear The Haze About Cannabis: Braintree & Witham Times, April 19, 2001

Legalising Cannabis Is Difficult : Colchester Evening Gazette , March 30, 2001

Abuse And Misuse: Oldgam Evening Chronicle,  March 29, 2001

Urine Screening Tests Unsafe : Essex Chronicle, March 23, 2001

Debate To Help Us With Cannabis Controversy: East Anglian Daily Times, March 1, 2001

Cannabis And Laws: Colchester Evening Gazette, Feb 28, 2001

What A Waste Of Money : Colchester Evening Gazette, Dec 13, 2000

Cannabis Hemp Could Revive The Rural Economy : East Anglian Daily Times,  Dec 6, 2000

Expensive Waste Of Time: Braintree & Witham Times, Nov 2, 2000

Cannabis And The Law: Colchester Evening Gazette  Nov 1, 2000

Issues Of Legalisation: Colchester Evening Gazette, Oct 24, 2000

End This Wasteful War on Cannabis: Essex Courier, Oct 21, 2000

Joint Confession Is Tip Of Iceberg: Evening News Norwich, Oct 18, 2000

Fancy a Debate?: Colchester Evening Gazette Oct 17, 2000

Change The Drug Policy: East Essex Evening Gazette Oct 9, 2000

A Case For Cannabis: Colchester Evening Gazette, Aug 30, 2000

Drug Controls Are Backfiring On Police: Essex Gazette, Aug 18, 2000

Drug Tests Are A Worry : Essex Chronicle, Aug 8, 2000

Why Continue Failed Policies?: Mid Essex Evening Gazette,April 15, 2000

Wrong Way to Deal with Drug Issue: Colchester Evening Gazette , April 11, 2000

Unfounded Fear Cutting Off Drug Debate: Braintree & Witham Times, April 6, 2000

Legalising Isn't Surrender: Mid Essex Evening Gazette, April 5, 2000

Deregulating Cannabis Is Not Giving Up On Law And Order: Evening Telegraph, Peterborough, March 31, 2000

Cannabis Case Proved The Need for Trial By Jury: East Anglian Daily Times, March 19, 2000

Let's Hear All Sides Of the Drugs Debate: East Anglian Daily Times, March 1, 2000

Drugs Talk Ban Would Be Sadistic: Evening News, Norwich, Feb 29, 2000

Drug Tests Can Go Too Far: East Anglian Daily Times, Jan 11, 2000

Drug-Drive Testing Over The Top: East Anglian Daily Times, Dec 6, 1999

Will Essex Police Be Tested?: Braintree & Witham Times, Sept 23, 1999

Environmental Consultation Document: Nov 27, 1998

Pro-Cannabis Campaigner's Plea On Report: Mid Essex Gazette, Sept 11, 1998


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